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Nick Axcell B.A. (Hons), M.A.

Is ADDICTION A PROBLEM? If so, I can help and believe me there is hope.

I have worked in the addiction treatment and mental health sector since 2002. I am a trained Masters Level Counsellor; Interventionist: Case Manager and Recovery/Sober Coach. I am a highly experienced specialist in the treatment of addiction. I have worked with literally thousands of clients; provided thousands of hours of individual; family and group therapy. My professional work has given me the opportunity to travel the world. From the UK to South Africa; Thailand; Malaysia and all over Europe. I am available to work globally on location or via zoom video meeting from the comfort of your home.

I have worked in a variety of addiction rehab centres with clients from all over the world;  suffering with a multitude of addictions; of all ages; from many different cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. I am in long term abstinence recovery from my own alcohol and drug addiction. I understand first hand what it is like for someone these difficulties and the impact of this on their family members.  I can work with you from a harm reduction position or with the goal of total abstinence.


The services I offer for Addiction include:

  • Case Management – I will assess, manage and implement a specific tailored support package for you and your loved ones; often bringing together various professionals and organisations to work together to treat the client and family in a bespoke manner. These services can include (but not limited to): Treatment Centres; Recovery Coaches; Psychotherapists; Psychiatrists; Private GP’s. You pay my fee to me and then you pay the other services directly
  • Interventions (For family members or businesses with staff difficulties)
  • Treatment Guidance – it’s not easy finding the right treatment for you or your loved one. I have contacts worldwide and have visited over fifty rehab centre’s on three continents. Therefore, I am well placed to assess and guide you on the best fit for your needs (I do not receive any payment for placing a client in any certain treatment centre)
  • Addiction Recovery Coaching (From a minimum of two hours a week, to twenty four hour support. This can be at home; in a hotel on your travels or wherever you may need the support)
  • Sober Transportation (Safe chaperoning of clients to and from a rehab/hospital for example)

Is a family member in danger because of their addiction? Are they in denial and refusing help? A planned Intervention could be the way to go before it goes too far…

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    Certified Addiction Interventionist

    I will coach; guide and support your family to get your ‘addicted’ person (who is currently refusing or denying help) into a treatment programme via a planned professional Intervention. I will then personally escort them to the treatment facility you decide upon. The belief that an addict must hit rock bottom himself or herself is wrong. Interventions can bring about change before it is too late. Interventions must be planned in detail and can take a lot of time and planning. My Intervention services are available worldwide. Costs vary according to complexity of the specific situation and location (see Interventions page).

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