Addition Support

Is ADDICTION A PROBLEM? If so, I can help and believe me there is hope.

I have worked in the addiction treatment and mental health sector since 2002. I am a trained Masters Level Counsellor; Interventionist and Recovery/Sober Coach. I am a highly experienced specialist in the treatment of addiction. I have worked with literally thousands of clients; provided thousands of hours of individual; family and group therapy. My professional work has given me the opportunity to travel the world. From the UK to South Africa; Thailand; Malaysia and now I am based in Ireland but am available to work globally.

I have worked in a variety of addiction rehab centres with clients from all over the world;  suffering with a multitude of addictions; of all ages; from many different cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. I am in long term abstinence recovery from my own alcohol and drug addiction. I understand first hand what it is like for someone these difficulties and the impact of this on their family members.  I can work with you from a harm reduction position or with the goal of total abstinence.

The services I offer for Addiction include:

  • Addiction Recovery Coaching (From an hour a week to more intensive support at home; on your travels or wherever you may need the support)
  • Interventions (For family members or businesses with staff difficulties)
  • Couples Counselling on a range of issues (from my private practice in Cork City, Ireland)
  • Family Counselling on a variety of issues (from my office in Cork City, Ireland)
  • Walk and Talk Therapy in Cork (maybe you struggle with the intensity and rigidity of a counselling room and would prefer something more creative)
  • Sober Transportation (Safe chaperoning of clients to and from a rehab/hospital for example)