family programme and therapy

I am pleased to announce I am now offering a bespoke Family Programme service consisting of the following components:

  • Psycho-education on addiction
  • About treatment
  • Recovery for the family and addict
  • Boundaries
  • Relapse
  • Communication work
  • Experiential family groupwork to heal your own family

Whilst I expect most of my participating families will have gone through an intervention process with me this service is open to families that have not done so.

Families meet with me either for a 6 month or 12 month period depending on which option is chosen.

The family work on individual issues and on family challenges over this period. The length of meeting depends on the individual family needs.

This helps the family with their addicted person but also helps the family work on unresolved issues and challenges which are often not addressed.

Even if the addicted person goes to treatment often the family are not involved in this process for various reasons and this service allows a safe contained environment for everyone to grow individually and as a family.

Please contact me for more details on: +353 89 707 3362

This service is available in any location.