A Message To: Addiction Treatment Providers And Other Professionals

Do you provide Addiction Treatment Services?

If you provide services for addiction treatment I am keen to hear from you. The more knowledge we all have the better we can serve our clients. I do not take a referral fee for sending clients to any treatment services so there is no cost for you to use my Intervention services.

I generally like to visit the facilities I work with and over the years have visited many centres in England; Scotland; Ireland; Spain; South Africa; Thailand; Hong Kong; India and Malaysia. I can increase your admissions by conducting Interventions on those enquiries that you had previously not been able to help as the family said ‘they are not ready’.

I will travel anywhere to conduct this work and can do generally this within a few days depending on my schedule. I believe that we should all work together – if we work ethically we will never be short of people to help.

I can help your clients when they leave treatment. Having a Recovery Coach to support them when they leave treatment is proven to increase their chances of long term recovery.

I look forward to speaking to you; visiting your facility and working with you to fight addiction together.

Best wishes

Nick Axcell B.A. (Hons), M.A.