One of the Intervention and Comprehensive Care Models that I am trained in is ARISE. This a great model of support for families I work with. Read here for more information:


ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention introduces the loved one and family to a new life of recovery and healing. The individual does not need to hit bottom before getting help. ARISE® gets over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment in three weeks. 96% enter treatment in six months. 61% problem substance & behavior free at 1 year, with 10% more using less.

Invitational Intervention®

Using a compassionate Invitational Intervention®, is a gradually-escalating process of respectful, gentle family meetings, that leads the loved one into appropriate treatment and recovery. The Person of Concern is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, and absolute respect and love. This is directed towards getting the addicted loved one into treatment with the least possible effort through a loving, compassionate and non-blaming First Call and First Meeting. The support system is mobilized to form a committed Intervention Network to motivate the addicted individual into treatment.

In comparison with other intervention methods, Fernandez, Begley, & Marlatt (2006) found that ARISE works best because:
  • The Intervention Network remains involved in collaboration throughout intervention, treatment & early recovery
  • The process relies on the inherent strength, motivation, and resilience of the family
  • The focus is on individual AND family recovery and healing
  • Individuals are invited and motivated to enter and participate actively in treatment 

ARISE® Comprehensive Care

ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention® breaks the cycle of repeated disappointment, failure, and fear, without the blame, shame, and guilt that accompanies the disease. It brings healing to family, friends, and co-workers who come together to build a solid recovery network. The focus of ARISE® is on both individual and family healing and recovery.

ARISE® Comprehensive Care begins when the addicted individual enters treatment, and lasts for 6 months. The goals are individual and family healing and recovery. It includes, if possible, the family and individual becoming involved in an appropriate support group.

The Certified ARISE® Interventionist works collaboratively with the addicted individual, the treatment center, and the family to ensure treatment completion, relapse prevention, and theresolution of grief and other problems at the root of the pain and the addictive disease.

With the correct treatment and involvement of both family and Person of Concern, a healthy life is possible. Family and friends play a substantial role in recovery.

ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention® is:

  • A series of respectful, gentle family meetings provided through a concierge service, wherever you choose
  • Focused on individual and family long-term recovery
  • Specialized in adolescents, young adults, children, the elderly, all age groups and families
  • Proven in federal research to be the most successful intervention
  • Provided by a national and international network of interventionists aligned with your specific needs and budget
  • Includes:
    • Personalized case management (intensive or as needed)
    • Safe transitions; safe passage; guided, supported transportation
    • Coaching in home or out
    • Companionship
    • Monitoring
Specialized Invitational Interventions® include:
Eating Disorder Intervention (Binge Eating, Emotional Over-Eating, Emotional Under-Eating, Bulimia)
Mental Health Intervention (Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia)
Gambling Addiction Intervention
Gaming Addiction Intervention
Internet Addiction Intervention
Sex Addiction Intervention
Compulsive Shopping Intervention
Hoarding Intervention
Executive Intervention

Invitational Interventions® can be used for: Adolescents, Young Adults, Children, the Elderly, Families, Drug and Alcohol abuse, Mental Health and Co-occuring Disorders, High Risk and Underserved Individuals, Elderly and Geriatric Population, Warriors, Veterans and their families, Trauma survivors and their families, High Profile Individuals and families, Executives, Impaired Professionals, Faith-based Communities.

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