The old belief that the addicted person must be ready for help is wrong. We do not have to wait for them to get any worse. I am a trained Interventionist that is currently based in Ireland and one of only a small number operating outside the USA. I have many years of professional experience working with clients who have had a range of debilitating addictions to substances such as alcohol and drugs or behavioural addictions such as gambling; gaming; eating disorders;  sex addiction (and others). I can help you as a family get your loved one the IMMEDIATE help that they need before it is too late. There is hope for you and your loved one. I have extensive knowledge of what help is on offer around the world and can guide you on what options are best for your situation.

I am a trained Interventionist and have been an addiction specialist for 13+ years. I CAN HELP YOU GET YOUR LOVED ONE THE HELP THAT THEY NEED AND I CAN HELP THEM GET IT NOW. In the past the general feeling was that a person cannot be helped unless they are ready. NO! This is not the case. Over the last few years addiction treatment professionals have developed Intervention models and have proved that INTERVENTIONS, can when conducted by a professional help the ‘addicted person’ to accept the help that is on offer and  access the correct treatment programme for them. Don’t leave it any longer make a call or send me an email now.

I will help you to get your loved one into treatment without any blaming, shaming or abusive confrontation. We will set up a loving, caring, supportive ‘Intervention meeting environment’ that will create the foundation and kick start them to accessing the help they need.

The Process:

  1. Contact me and we will discuss your needs.
  2. We decide upon the style of Intervention to be used and the goal we want to achieve.
  3. We prepare for the Intervention so that everybody knows what to do (and what not to do).
  4. We meet for a rehearsal of the Intervention (if it is not Invitational style).
  5. I personally escort your loved one to the treatment facility (usually) straight from the Intervention.
  6. After the Intervention I can continue to support the family in a coaching role.


  • Intervention costs vary depending on how many interventonists are present (1 or 2) – The price includes the client being personally escorted to the treatment facility in Ireland (overseas additional costs).
  • On some occasions you may wish to hold a ‘Family Assessment Meeting’ before committing to the Intervention. This is deductible from the final fee if you go ahead with the Intervention.
  • Outside of Ireland – please contact me to discuss costs.
  • Costs can vary for each Intervention due to the amount of hours needed to prepare the family/what length of support is needed afterwards and any direct expenses (don’t worry we will discuss and agree this all in advance).
  • The agreed fee must be paid before the Intervention process starts.
  • I do not ask for or receive any referral fees from any rehab facility.