Coaching for Clients With Addiction And Mental Health Issues


Addiction Coaching Services for those suffering with:

  • Alcohol issues
  • Illegal drug problems
  • Prescription drug problems
  • Gambling issues
  • Internet addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Mental Health issues
  • Codependency
  • Helping Families to deal with a loved one in addiction

It may be that you have already tried counselling and all that talking didn’t change anything? You may have tried rehab and would like to try some one to one support?  It may be that you are not able to get time away from your commitments to go into a treatment centre? It may be that you are getting ready to leave treatment and want some extra support for when you go home? Your client; employee; employer or family member may have a very important work week and they must remain sober?

Recovery Coaching with me can be an alternative to other approaches or it can be a service that will compliment other family; group; peer or professional support you may already have.

Coaching is about focusing on the present and future. It is about taking action.

I am a Certified Recovery Coach via The Sober Academy (U.K)

What to do next:

  • Contact me and I will do an assessment either in person; on the phone  or via Skype depending on your location.
  • I will then give you a proposal of what I feel will be of benefit to your specific case.
  • Coaching prices vary depending on the specific client needs and in some cases these prices are negotiable.
  • There are times when I could spend several hours at a time with a client in one day – examples of this could be to support someone when they arrive home after residential treatment; if they are in danger of relapse or if they are struggling to stop using and need support to do so or escorting someone to a treatment centre.
  • For longer term support we can discuss your specific needs.
  • Sometimes coaching is done in person; on Skype; on the phone or a mixture of these.
  • Geographical location can increase costs due to travel expenses. This will all be made clear in the post assessment proposal report with no hidden costs that have not been discussed.
  • This is not a medical service. Whilst I have significant experience of working with addiction and mental health I recognise there are times when there is a need to collaborate with other professionals. I may refer clients on to other services such as psychiatrists; psychologists; private GP’s or treatment centres when this is the appropriate route to take.