I often get asked to suggest treatment options for my clients. I have visited over 50 centres in Europe, Africa and Asia. One of the services I offer is treatment guidance. I will assess you and then give recommendations. I will take into consideration: Specific needs; Detox needs; Medical needs; Budget; Admission speed; Treatment Modality and much more.

One of the facilities I recommend the most is:

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, on the Louth/Meath border of Ireland. Their websites suggest the following:

Expert Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Ireland

Our expert team of Consultant Psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and therapists, work together as a multidisciplinary team to deliver an unrivalled range of therapies for our patients.

Our intensive, personalised rehab programme delivers thorough biopsychosocial and medical assessments, detoxification from alcohol and drugs, and evidence-based therapies for our patients. We treat the whole person by addressing the underlying causes of the addiction and dual diagnosis.

Together as a team we are dedicated to your health and wellbeing, passionate about supporting you on every step of your recovery journey – through detox, rehab, recovery and beyond.

For more information on this facility and many, many others give me a call.